Saturday, January 31, 2009

So different and the same

Hello! I can't believe it's been a week already! Ben and I are still getting used to saying things like "Sam", "the girls", "the kids", "family of four"...kind of like after we got married and had fun calling each other "husband" and " wife" just because it's brand new.

I'll admit we have slipped a couple of times and called Sam Katie, but I think we're getting used to it.

Here's some pictures...(apologies for some fuzzies...apparently lack of sleep doesn't help the camera skills any!).We love nearly naked newborn pictures...wish these could be "touch and feel" so you could feel how soft Sam's skin is...unbelievable!

Here's Katie opening up the present that Sam brought her (wink wink). A colouring book and some markers/ help ease the transition...though it's going so well (cross fingers) that I'm not sure we needed to worry. Katie keeps trying to "Kiss Sam on the head!".
Monday night Gram and Papa dropped by with the cake leftovers from my birthday dinner that was celebrated while I was hanging out in the hospital waiting for Sam to pee (did we tell you about that? They won't let you leave the hospital with your newborn until they poop and make sure things are working right...Sam held it and didn't pee until almost 24 hours after she was born...I really thought we would be spending another night in the hospital...Sam'e pee was teh best birthday present EVER!) Katie has mastered the singing of Happy Birthday and blowing out candles (like a dragon!). Auntie Andrea dropped by this weekand showed us she still knows how to hang with a newborn.
Super Auntie!

Katie's showing off the rainbow on the shirt from Auntie Andrea...such a cute shirt!
While we were bringing up some baby essentials, like the swing and the bouncy chair, we found and brought up the rocking chair that Ben's Grandpa Stan had made. It's stayed in the family and now it's our smooth! Katie loves it!Sam's still a bit too small...but she'll have her turn eventually. Gram and Grandpa and GG Lill stopped by this morning and we have pictures, but we'll same some for next time.

Seriously, things are going very well with the two kiddos. Katie has managed to sleep through any night time crying that Sam does (thank goodness...I was wondering how that would work!). Sam, to be honest, hasn't been that fussy or crying much yet...she did resist being put down to sleep a couple of nghts...wanted to be held instead...but we're figuring it out. Nursing is going very very well...we struggled a bit early on Katie and I, but now that I have some experience it's a bit easier.

It's amazing how much it feels like deja vu jhaving a little one again. Some things seem different but lots of similar. I can't explain it all (because I'm tired and tired of writing) but I'm sure I'll hav examples to blog about as time goes on.

Not sure how often we'll be blogging but we'll try. When not blogging, you can be sure we'll be thinking of you!

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