Monday, January 19, 2009

Naked and No News

Still No Baby!

We had a great weekend...Doing nothing much but having fun. (although, as always, after I think about it, we were really quite busy!)

We had a playdate on Friday with Shelley, Baby L and Jo Anne and her girls. Baby L was adorable and growing up fast...! Katie was a bit intrigued but not too "in baby's face" if you know what I mean. I did get a bit of a taste of how much we'll have to watch her around the new sibling as Katie once dropped something she was holding a little too close to Baby L that I felt was safe. But she was respectfully curious which was nice to see.

Jo Anne's girls had brought over their backpacks and C had dropped hers so Katie gave it a try. Here's Katie taking "Say Cheese" lessons from G.
Saturday I had a a lunch date with our friend Coreen and a bunch of her girlfriends ( some I knew, some I didn't) to celebrate her ___ birthday (shh...maybe I shouldn't mention which birthday?). It was nice to go out and have a nice long lunch with some fun ladies. Ben took Katie over to Gram and Grandpa's for lunch while I was out and I heard they had lots of fun without me. We also had a quick visit from our friends Russ and Steph in the afternoon...haven't seen them since way before the holidays and they were impressed with how much Katie has grown.

Yesterday, Katie took a few little spills while walking around the house (her first walking injuries!). On one she got a small cut on her chin and the other marked up her nose (her right side) and gave herself a fat left upper lip. It was sure weird/funny seeing her look like she'd been in a fight with someone. I tried taking pictures of it, but the way she moves around and everything, I just couldn't get the lighting/focus/subject working right to get the injuries to show up as clear in photos as they were in real life. (she is having a snack as well during those photos, so there's some chewing going on too!)

We also went for a swim in the morning (after the injuries)...ended up taking a chance at going out all the way to Millenium Place in Sherwood Park...would have liked to stay closer to home (and hospital, because you never know!) but none of our nearby pools had any free swim time in the morning. And we also looked into dropping in at the library but if they were open on Sunday, it wasn't until 1pm anyway. What a bummer...except that of course, we ended up at our favorite pool and indoor playground. Katie had a great time as always.

We also were lucky to have dinner at Gram and Papa's last night and Auntie Andrea and Nova were there. I held Nova for a while, trying to get a decent cuddle with this little excited puppy and she almost fell asleep in my arms. Practice for the new baby? (except that new baby's don't give you sloppy kisses all over your face right?) It's so sweet and can really tell that Nova loves Katie and gets excited watching her and following her around. Can't wait until they get older and can really play together. (Great Uncle Frank and Auntie Muriel were there was so nice to see them since we didn't see them over the holidays. Katie is still unsure of Uncle Frank, though she did say Hi a couple of times. Auntie Muriel is definitely a buddy!)

Today has been quiet. Katie played with toys and read books this morning. I tried (at the same time) to do some laundry and tidying up. I even managed to move the towel rack/shelf that we'd been keeping in Katie's closet to our bedroom closet. This was both to make room in her closet and give us full access to our towels. (At first it seemed to make sense having the towels in the room closest to the bathroom, but there's been WAY too many morning's where we've realized we needed towels from Katie's room but couldn't go in because she was still sleeping...usually we'd manage to find a clean towel still in the laundry room, but why chance it?!)
Anyway...While I was moving the rack/shelf, Katie dug around the toys in her closet and found a naked Barbie and spent much of the rest of the morning taking naked Barbie for walks, feeding her cookies and introducing us all to each other. I loved watching her play and use her imagination. And Katie was so nice and tolerant of Barbie's alternative "clothing optional" lifestyle...! There wasn't once any mention of why Barbie didn't have any clothes on. That's not at all weird right? Maybe I'll have to knit Barbie some clothes quick...before she can influence Katie too much. It's winter still you know...even though it's 2C above zero today, we still need to wear clothes!

Talk to you soon,

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