Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Regular Tuesday

Katie's curly hair not being smooshed yesterday...resulted in almost exactly the kind of hair she normally has. It has not occurred to me that maybe she has MY hair, which, while somewhat wavy, generally requires heat or chemical coaxing to stay curly-ish. Neither or which I am ready to do to Katie. Now we know. =)

Our play date yesterday did work out and was wonderful...JoAnne and her girls came over and we were so happy. Haven't seen them since near the end of October I think. The girls have grown a lot since we last saw them (and JoAnne says Katie has too)...notably, at least one of the girls, G, is actually taller than Katie. This should perhaps be expected, given that they are 6 months older, but Katie has been taller than them for some time. (C didn't stay on one place long enough to compare).
There was lots of activity going on and still no organized, "playing together" type stuff...maybe still too young. There were some minor sharing issues which were resolved fairly quickly (because JoAnne and I are SuperMoms).
I (and I think Katie) really realized how much we missed hanging out with our friends. We're definitely looking forward to more playdates as we can arrange them.

Today, Katie and I went with Papa to PLAYGROUP (Katie sounds so excited when she says this)...I hadn't been since one time in the fall and Katie not since the holidays. Fun times...Katie was eager to play with things and see the kids. She climbed the three steps and went down the little slide all by herself (apparently the first time she has done this on her own) and was a very big, independent girl roaming around from toy to toy. Didn't show off much of her walking though...knees are still faster. Love playgroup...it's such a good thing for her!

(That reminds me...did we ever tell you the joke where we call her Katie Kneewalker? Like Luke Skywalker? Because she walks around on her knees so much. Not a great joke but still worth mentioning.)(And the poor knees of all her pants...my favorite jeans of hers have holes in them and most of her other pants are faded and dirty because of the kneewalking. Ah well!)

Hope you have a great day!

(Food Note: Made some shrimp fried rice with peas tonight, from our stir fry cookbook...Katie really seemed to enjoy it though both Ben and I thought it lacked a little flavour.)

PS...here's a bonus, extra video for you. Yesterday, I taught Katie the French version of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" (Tete, Epaules, Genoux, Orteille...don't check my spelling there please!). I must point out that she actually does sing it better than she did for the video...a bit more practice now and she's pretty good...and even does the actions. Anyway, it's cute. Enjoy!

Tete from BabyLuch on Vimeo.

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