Monday, January 5, 2009

A January Quickie...blogging for dad.

Hi Dad!
We're sad you've had to go back to work today (though won't deny we like the money it gets you.).

If you look back to the very beginning of this blog, you'll see that some posts were definitely written to keep you updated about how we were doing at home. And in the spirit of tradition, it's not even 8 am and we've got a story for you.

You know how Katie woke up a little early this morning, around 6ish? Because she'd leaked a bit overnight and had a poop? (Thanks again for throwing the sheets in the wash, I'll go put them in the dryer as soon as I'm done the blog post). Well, I discovered that she'd somehow managed to get some poop in her hair. She just didn't smell as nice when I was hugging her and I looked around and discovered the source. Yuck. So I decided an immediate bath was in order (and tried to soak my feet at the same time but Katie wasn't in the mood to share her bath).

Now she's nice and clean and smelling wonderful. And her hair is So Curly! Usually we bathe her at night and the hair gets all crazy and smooshed overnight, so I'm excited to see how the hair curls up when it's not smooshed. (what a fun word, smooshed!...although not recognized by the spell check!). Here's a picture:
Anyway, better Get That Laundry (lately Katie's been saying "Get That _____") and pay attention to the girl. Haven't heard about our potential playdate yet but I've got my fingers crossed.

Talk to you later!
Mom and Katie

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