Thursday, January 22, 2009

A non-update

Although I have no news to share, I felt a need to update the blog and officially tell you that we have no baby news yet.

Katie's new brother/sister is officially a day late. Katie was 5 days late, so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised? I feel like telling the baby "I know you have big shoes to fill, but there are other, better ways to be like your big sister. This is an opportunity to make your own mark...Ready, Set, Go!"

Regardless of the waiting, we are still doing well. (I feel bad for all you waiting least when things happen, we get to be the first to know!) Katie had a good time at playgroup today. The weather has, unfortunately, gotten much colder and so I baked a great batch of plain chocolate chip cookies tonight. Laundry is mostly caught up.

Katie has a fresh (this week) batch of library books that she is enjoying, including:
1. I Like Myself! (she does)
2. What Do You Do? (Hen-I lay eggs, Cheetah-I run fast, Beetle-I rock!)
3. Hands Are Not For Hitting! (not that Katie hits much, but occasionally, when frustrated she does smack something like the floor, and look at us, waiting for the "No". It's funny how much she likes this's got a nice focus on everything else that hands are good for, like eating, playing and waving.)
...and a couple of others I forget.

Anyway, I'm off to try and think of something that's NOT "Is the baby coming soon?". We'll let you know.

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