Friday, January 16, 2009

Mall Walker

As I start every phone call I make or pick up these days...

"No Baby Yet!"

We are patiently waiting and keeping busy. (official due date is Wednesday next week, Jan. 21)

We haven't taken many pictures lately since the camera is living in either the diaper bag or the hospital bag and we keep forgetting which.

We did remember to tale the camera with us last week when we went for a walk around the neighbourhood schools. Weather was looking warmer so we took advantage. This picture is to show the gorgeous moon that didn't quite appear in the photo above. Huge and bright.
Yay for family walks again!
Apologies for not flipping this photo's very upside down. Katie was making a mess at her desk...very much like most of us do I suspect!

Last night Ben was home early and we'd agreed that a lazy, store bought pizza night was in order. This enabled us to eat early and have time to head out to the nearby mall for a shop and a walk. I had not been in the mall in months...what a crazy thing to say! Southgatel is super close and often a nice place to walk to if the weather is nice, so usually we go more often than once every few months.

Anyway...we had a couple of items to return, on either end of the mall. Katie, very quickly, decided she'd rather walk than sit in the stroller. It's the first time we've had her walk while we shop...and it was FUN. She looked so excited seeing everything from her own two feet. Stopping where she wanted to to look at windows and walking to the left or to the right. She was pretty good at not straying far from us, and when she did she was quick to come back and walk with us when we asked her to. She walked with us from the elevator in the middle of the mall, to The Bay, to Sears and back to the middle elevator...for those of you that know the mall you know this is a lot of walking. Near the end she was getting red cheeks (she was wearing her boots which may have been a little warm) and looking tired though she did reject offers to go back in the stroller. It was a lot of walking for me too, who has not been walking anything near that much in quite a while. When we drove home she kept saying "Bye Southgate, thanks for the walking". It was so cute.

She and I went for another walk today, this time with her in the's So Absolutely Glorious outside...currently about 6C...that's 6 degrees ABOVE zero. The trees and roofs are dripping and I can see our actual front sidewalk where the snow's melted. Anyway, with the nice weather I felt we had to go out, so we walked over to Sunterra for a few small groceries and walked back. By the end of it I was exhausted! Katie must have been tired too since after lunch she played for a tiny bit but then ASKED to go lie down. I don't know that she's ever done that. Sleeping away right now. Gave me time to bake muffins and tidy up the living room a bit since Jo Anne and girls might be stopping by this afternoon.

Hope you're having a great Friday...and of course, we'll blog with baby news and a new blog name whenever we can!


Jodie and David said...

I was planning to email to ask if you had had the baby yet, and luckily checked the blog first ;) Hope all is well, and we will be thinking of you!


Jill said...

Try to hold it in until Thursday! It's a lucky day. And you know, I don't really have many cool people to share my birthday with!