Monday, January 12, 2009

It tastes so good in your mouth!

Hmm...I was silly and took no pictures from this weekend. The pictures that follow are from last week.

We had a nice/busy weekend. Dinner out with Gram, Papa, Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon. Katie got some crayons and a little plastic cup to take home. She was very happy...but cried on the way out when I wouldn't let her hold the cup. She also did some restaurant walking, which I think will be a normal feature or our restaurant visits (those rare visits!) for the next while. (Funniest part of dinner: She walks around and looks at all the other diners and says "I'm walking!" really loudly and cutely)

Honestly, as I look back at the weekend I feel like she walked through the whole thing. We spend all day walking. Back and forth, around and around. It's amazing how much improvement happens so quickly. (though I suppose it comes from MONTHS of watching taking all know that's what she was doing instead of walking, right?)

I really can't remember what we did on Saturday for the moment...though I do know we went outside for a walk before dinner all 3 of us...Katie was in the Chariot wishing she was at the park walking...I was forgetting how little walking I've done recently and insisting we go all around the nearby school fields. Ben was suggesting I take it easy. I suppose I should say it officially...Ben you were was too much walking. I paid for it the next day with some sore muscles. (but was worth it anyway!)

Sunday we went to Gram and Papa's for breakfast (how could we not when we heard there were scones coming out of the oven!). The scones were so yummy that they were what prompted the "It tastes so good in your mouth" comment from Katie. Honestly, she said all that without us helping her. So cute.

We followed the visit with a quick trip to Costco...first time buying 2 sizes of diapers. And we definitely saw evidence that we "need" a van...didn't have room to buy paper towels along with everything else and two car seats and two parents. We're looking...Anyone have a Toyota Sienna (not too old) in good shape for reasonable price?

After Katie's great nap in the afternoon we went to Gram and Grandpa's for dinner. Pork roast was delicious and don't get me started on the cake (FYI...we did NOT eat the rest of the cake when we got home as I had indicated we might.). (Don't do this too when your parents send you home with leftovers, I know it.)

Here Katie looks cute reading a book, sitting in a box. And what's that in her hair?...'s a gorgeous little flower barrette from Gram and Grandpa's recent trip to Hawaii. How adorable is that?
And a picture of Katie trying to sit in another box, her toy box. She love sitting in her toy box.
Today was a bit of a slow one...though we did end up doing some laundry, putting some toys away (briefly), reading "Sweet Dreams" 18 times, making a double batch of Pumpkin scones and eating lunch.

While baking today , I learned two important lessons :
1. Katie likes to eat WHILE baking as much as I did when I was a kid. (flour, butter whatever...if it's used for baking it must be eaten apparently)
2. When it's close to lunch, Katie does not have the patience to understand that scones need time to bake and are not ready to be eaten immediately.

Katie is now about 40 min into a good solid nap and I may do the same very soon. =)

Happy Monday!

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