Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's getting better all the time...

The walking that is! Katie has spent most of this week practicing her walking.

We went to playgroup on Thursday with Papa and she walked with a little wire shopping cart (just the right size!) forever. One of the wheels was broken, so she did walk in circles a bit, but didn't seem to mind. She was smiling/giggling the whole time actually.

Yesterday she and I just stayed home. We baked some muffins (she helped add the measured dry ingredients to the bowl and helped mix). She tried tasting the flour mix but realized that finished batter tastes better than the dry ingredient mix. I also made up a recipe...chicken, black beans, red and yellow pepers, canned tomatoes and some spices...which turned out pretty good. The amazing thing was that Katie ate every bite...even the peppers! (she normally picks them out of everything) I think they were cooked just soft enough.

Here's a video I took of the walking yesterday. Things to note...
- she can navigate obstacles while walking
- we had music education going on (The Beatles...very important)
- the pajamas are Joe (Superstore) after Christmas cheapos...she took off the pants and seemed comfortable enough that I didn't make her put them back on right away. We do stay in pjs sometimes when we're not going anywhere...the fun of staying home!

K from BabyLuch on Vimeo.
She did this kind of walking for AGES yesterday. It's fun, she loves it...and it's getting better all the time! (say the Beatles)

Have a good weekend!

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