Monday, November 3, 2008

It's too funny

Well, I had all sorts of pictures picked out and even adorable Katie video to share with you, but we're having some minor internet connection issues (I'll be emailing the tech support later today!) and it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Instead I'll just have to tell you some Katie stories.

Last week Ben and I were chatting while Katie played with her toys and I said "It's too funny..." (I don't remember what was funny but anyway...) and Katie repeats what I said "it's too funny". Ben and I, of course, think THAT's pretty funny, and we start laughing. Katie looks at us again and says it a few more times, enjoying the reaction and we start laughing harder. THEN, she starts this fake laughing and fake wide toothy smiling and apparently, my daughter has learned to mock me already. She was totally making fun of me laughing. Which made me laugh even harder etcetc. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. What a sweetie.

She's still not walking but every day we say "wow, she's so close" and the concensus is she is certainly able to walk, but just choosing not too (a bit timid and reluctant to let go of our hands she is.).

For Halloween (again, we have cute pictures that I'm dying to share!) she ended up wearing an old bunny costume that either myself or Auntie Andrea wore when were were little. A simple little costume with long bunny ears. She really loved being in the costume...went to a Halloween party with Papa at playgroup on Thursday and had lots of fun.

And in other important news...Katie's been spending lots of extra time with Papa and other grandparents and dad because I've been put on bed rest for (most likely) the rest of the pregnancy...apparently the baby is showing some signs of coming early, so bed rest will hopefully convince it to stay a while longer. I'm feeling fine and thanks to knitting, dvd's, books and the internet am not terribly bored yet. It's a little hard not being able to help out with Katie or around the house at all, but I guess I ahve to accept that I've just been promoted to taking care of Baby #2 full time.

I am proud to say that Ben is showing excellent potential as head chef of the household and has made a top notch Chickpea Soup (one of our favotites!) as well as a few other things. I'll keep you posted on how well he does and if he will remain head chef upon my return to the kitchen. =)

Funny how now that I have much more time to blog, I have much less to blog about. So, I'll get pictures and video as soon as I can and continue to let you know anything new and exciting about Katie (and of course Baby #2 if he/she decides to show dicipline issues in utero and dissobeys my orders to "Stay In Your Room!").

Take care (as we are),

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