Friday, November 21, 2008


Last night, Katie wasn't in a mood to settle down to sleep quickly. Maybe I did jinx it! After about an hour of hearing her rustling around and chatting, Ben went in and found that she had escaped completely out of her PJ's. One piece with feet and snap buttons all the way down and she'd undone them all. Crazy girl. Ben went downstairs and got the one pair of pj's we have that are zippered instead while I hugged her (she slipped off the bed when our visit startled her and was crying). She did eventually settle down and was still dressed this morning when we went in to get her.

This girl sometimes has a weird thing about clothes. (I suppose many toddlers do?) The other night Ben walked with her from her bedroom to the tub where I was waiting for her. And she had insisted on wearing her shoes...and the rest of the emperors new clothes.
At play group on Tuesday, Papa reported that she had had lots of fun playing with a play kitchen stove.
So, Ben spent the evening renovating our kitchen. This play kitchen was a gift from Gram and Papa that we were going to save for Christmas, but she's so ready for it now that we couldn't wait any longer! Ben installed the whole kitchen himself and Katie learned the word "countertop". (is that one word?) It fits perfectly in our kitchen and will hopefully keep Katie busy cooking while we do the real cooking.
The kitchen comes with a grilled cheese sandwich, fries, ketchup and a cookie! (we seriously need some plastic fruit and veg asap!) And lots of plates and cutlery. It's a Cook 'N Clean kitchen, so there's also a washer and dryer and an iron (she said right away "ironing, Dad" since Ben is seen ironing most often in our house)
It has various buttons and makes all kinds of noises. It even reads some computer bit in the food and makes appropriate cooking sounds/comments about the food.
It's very cute, she really likes it and it's such a good height for her too!

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