Thursday, November 6, 2008

And the pictures...!

Hello! Here are the pictures I promised from Halloween, plus some others from the last week or so.
Katie, goofing off in the morning with her "crown", which "fell off" a number of times.
Accident, or fun...I think you can guess!
Since I've been on bed rest, I'm not seeing Katie much during the day...thus the flash-y early morning/late evening pictures. This is one thing Katie does a fair her bookshelf. As quick as we can put the books away, they get pulled out again. When can we start teaching her the clean-up game?
I mentioned that Ben's been doing all the house chores...this what I see a fair bit these days...good dishes dad!
And Katie and I do manage to make the most of our time together..lots of giggles.
Ah, the Halloween shots! Here's Katie in her bunny costume (vintage, remember?):This bunny does more crawling then hopping!Katie went trick or treating to Grandpa and Grams house...Is that candy in her hands? Trust me, she didn't taste a bit. A new, fun game that Gram Cheryl taught us and Katie, is to play "Magic Carpet" where an adult (though really, it could be anyone with the ability to walk) pulls her around on her blanket...she LOVES this. Plays the whole "Again!" routine...rather like starting to pet a puppy...who won't ever let you stop!Fun!This past weekend, Ben took Katie to the was a lovely sunny day...maybe the last like that in a while? (it's starting to feel a tiny bit like November!)Looks like there was some bouncing!And some more of the yellow balls that she loves to play with so much!I think it's actually an abacus, but I doubt she's using it as such. Not yet anyway!Here are the videos of the pink bunny in action!

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