Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to everyone... we've had a wonderful time so far this holiday season... only a few days in and lots of fun and family to be had.  Katie has been fully adorable even amongst busy-ness and unfamiliar people.  

I must note that while I have many (200ish?) photos to sort through and share from recent days, you're only getting a couple from today as I need to learn how to organize and preview photos on my new MacBook...a gift from Ben even though we said no gifts (part birthday gift a month early he says...since we may be a bit busy in a month to be learning a new laptop!)

Katie got right into the spirit of opening presents this morning.  Using all her effort to open up this big one (from Santa!).

We also ate yummy treats for brunch including the traditional "Wifesaver" (I'll recipe link if I remember another time).  
She also received a Cookie Set from Santa, which I'm proud to say she knew how to use right away... she must be well influenced by some good bakers.   
We also should have announced this news earlier, but Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon have a new member of their family... meet little Nova.  Katie and Nova have bonded well.  Katie says "Nova give kisses!" and "Nova tickle your toes!"
Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas... another Christmas present we are happy about is my being off bed rest... still taking it easy but able to help out a bit more.  Feels great... yesterday was officially 36 weeks.  Full term is 38-40 so we're definitely looking good.  

Merry Christmas to all!  

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