Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Finally Halloween is here!

I have been working on costumes for the kids for about a month (off and on).  I was inspired by a tutorial on a crafty blog to do My Little Pony costumes.  I did decide to do fabric hair instead of yarn (as a knitter, cutting all that yarn was a scary thought!).  In retrospect, while the hair is perfect looking, it is a bit heavier than yarn hair would have been.  Katie is Princess Celestia and Sam is Pinkie Pie.  
 I think both girls are very happy with the result, as am I.  The costumes are made out of fleece and very warm (good thing as I think they are calling for a windchill of about -16C tonight, yuck!).
Here are images of the actual ponies, so you can see, particularly with Katie's, the details that were included.  You can't tell in the photos, but Sam's pinkie pie hair even has stitching to mimic the curlicue lines in the cartoon.
As for the rest of halloween, we carved pumpkins last night (I will get a photo later!) and both girls drew their own pumpkin and Ben carved them.  We have a deal with the girls this year, influenced a bit by diabetes, but really just a healthy practice I think, to TRADE a large portion of their candy for a toy. Kids just get way too much candy for this holiday and its not necessary.  (yes, they probably have too many toys too, but that's another battle)  

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!
(ps...thanks to Gram and Papa for the photos...our camera batteries (yes both of them) are dead and I cannot cannot find the charger.  I'm getting very desperate to find it!)


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super amazing Heather... good job! -Andrea