Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Things...Lunettes and Tires

It's only Wednesday and already we've had a busy week!  

Katie got her second pair of glasses yesterday.  They are colourful and have transitions lenses (turn into sunglasses when needed).  Funny that on the way to pick them up Katie was speculating how this would work..."Maybe there will be a button to push and the arms will get longer and the sunglasses will pop right out on top of the glasses!?"  I asked the lady at the store to explain it and she mentioned something about the lenses being "photochromatic"...I may need to google a video to explain that one to Katie!  These may be her "silly" glasses...don't you think?
 On Sunday, coming home from church we got a warning light that our tire pressure was low.  When we got home we could hear the tire leaking air thanks to a screw we had driven over.
 We learned a lot about changing tires...Ben has done one before (not on this vehicle) and I have never had to do one before.  (look at that dirty sits under the car and I bet that's years and years of dirt there.)
 Best of all, we barely argued while doing it!
Katie had a PD day and was off school on Monday so the girls and I were able to get in to Costco where they patched the tire and put the spare back and everything.  For free.  Happy day!

It has cooled off a ton since the weekend (glad we did the tire when it was warmer) and I was really happy to bake bread yesterday.  And happier still when Grandpa Ken came to help show us how to turn on the pilot light and get our furnace going again.  Welcome to Cozyville!  =)

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