Thursday, September 27, 2012


Quickly adding many to share but I'm only picking a few and I'll be as quick as I can because I am tired.

Katie got glasses!  Surprise!  I knew when I wrote the last post but wanted to keep it a secret until she had them.  We found out when we had an eye checkup, recommend as standard procedure when we got her immunized this summer.  Minor farsightedness.  She is thrilled.  Loves them.  Picked a very mature pair.  We also ordered another different pair (the store was having a back to school deal) with transitions lenses, for when we would normally want to have the option of sunglasses.  Thank goodness for Ben's benefits...for both pairs it only cost 50$ out of our pocket.  Phew.  

 Sam did a drawing of the four of us.  I love it!
 The weather has been Amazing this month.  Just nice gorgeous perfect fall weather.  I have lots of pics of other things we have done (playgrounds, Terry Fox run etc) but am sharing ones from this week of the girls playing in the leaves at Gram and Papa's.

 Sam agreed (apparently) to be buried.

School is going great for both girls.  Katie is picking up french so well, and with Ben and Gram Cheryl taking french classes, we will be having lots of fun french talk...Bien Sur!  =)

Sam is also doing well in school...chatting about how she knows the days of the week and singing songs from school.  I am still sitting in the hallway and have finished knitting a baby dress (for our goddaughter...Happy First Birthday Baby N!), 2 pairs of leg warmers and 2 pairs of slippers for the girls.  And now I have started a tunic style sweater for Katie.

And, you know what I love...(brag time)...both sets of teachers have already commented that the girls are doing so well in school and that they are wonderful role models for other students.  Specifically hat they often ask the other students to sit/listen/etc like Katie/ nice to hear.  Anyway.  I'll try to post again soon, I know I had a good few days and then got quiet's just school busy...Katie gets to the bus stop at 7:35 4 mornings a week.  And we have already had two evening events at the school.

But things are good...oh so good!

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