Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sam's First Day of School

It was Sam's very first day of preschool today!  But she wouldn't do my posed school day photo and stand/sit on the front steps.  Katie was all for it.  
 Overall, the morning went very well.  Today and Thursday are only 1 hour long classes.  Next week it is 2hr and 15 min.  I have spoken with the teachers, and given the challenges with diabetes and their unfamiliarity with it, I will sit in the hall during school time, to test her sugar before snack and any other necessary times.  It's not quite how I'd pictured things, but I'm sure that once they see how easy it is, they'll learn how and get more comfortable with the whole thing.  One thing that went really well, is when they offered the snack, a digestive cookie (18 carbs) and juice, Sam said "I only get juice when my blood sugar is low".  I know that she knows how things are, but it was good to hear her express it in a public setting without any prompt from us.  We should remember this when we wonder how she will handle being different as she grows up...sometimes we are just different and that's normal.

Sam DID cry and cling when I brought her into class...for some reason, I really wasn't expecting that.  But of course, it's not uncommon, and she did recover while a couple of kids cried pretty much the whole hour.  (I'm in the hall, I can hear it!)  She said on the way home though "I had a GREAT day at preschool mom!", so perhaps Thursday will be better.  =)

These are pictures from a visit to the park last week.  Enjoying the sunny weather while we still have it...there is something so abrupt about the creeping dark and the crisp air...fall has hit me like a ton of bricks this year...and the halloween books that we got from the library (which induced a batch of pumpkin pecan muffins this evening) make me feel fall-er than usual too.

The girls we doing some balancing...a la Olympics I think. 
 The girls have been playing really well together lately.  Like "I can get the whole kitchen clean and think about baking something" well.  Except when one of them doesn't want to play and wants privacy.  I talked to them about, for example, giving Katie some private time in her room and having Sam play in another room for maybe even just 10 min, and then maybe they would be ready to play together again.  I think Katie took the suggestion literally when she made this sign:

 I assume that's Sam, holding her Dolly in the big Don't sign.  (the girls are SO aware of Don't Signs...did I ever mention that?  What does that Don't Sign say?, what about this one?...do you know there's about 11 Don't Signs on the gas station at Costco?)

PS...we are thinking about bribing Sam for potty training...did you know that mini MnM's are so tiny, they don't even count as a carb individually?  It takes about a dozen to register as a gram on my scale, which actually equals only 0.67 carbs, not even one carb.  She could pee in the potty every 15 min and still get an MnM every time with barely a blip in glucose.  Who knew?  Handfuls for everyone, guilt free!  (I suspect this is what causes the increase in heart disease etc in diabetes..."It's fat, doesn't count!")

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