Thursday, November 29, 2012

A quick note.

Just a quick overdue note explaining the absence from the blog.

1. We have lost the battery charger for the camera. Procrastinated and debated for a while and have decided to buy a new camera instead of another battery charger. The camera we have is about 5 years old anyway!

2. We have had a Nasty November. Sam got a stomach bug one weekend which was a little intense diabetes wise. High sugars and ketones etc. Took her longer to recover from as well. (longer than I would have thought normal). After that, whether it's related or not I don't know, we had a spat (and by spat, i mean a good 2 weeks) of incredibly bad bahaviour and tantrums from Sam. Worse than I have ever seen...I may have told a few people that it was my most trying parenting week EVER. Her sugars were insanely high for a good while (multiple 20's in a day, remember, we aim for 8) (and unfortunately, our clinic was extra busy that week and didn't get back to us with advice very quickly) so perhaps it was related. Also potty training has taken a step backwards as well. I keep digging, and that well of patience is necessarily getting deeper.

On the plus side...I didn't have to work as many extra days is month, Katie had a wonderful Demonstration of Learning for us (kind of like parent teacher interview but where she demonstrates some of her skills for us...cutting paper etc) and when Sam is good, she is very very good. The girls just learned to play Go Fish together...some modified rules, but it works. I have managed some good knitting and sewing time and Christmas will be here before you know it.

Lots of love and pictures to come again someday!

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