Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What it's like: Nursing Sam.

For those of you who've ever wondered what it's like nursing Sam, here's a taste! (not litereally)

Scene: Living room. Toys strewn everywhere. Katie (aka Toddler) is sitting on the floor eating strawberries. Mom picks up Sam, notices she seems hungry and it's about that time anyway (by time, I don't mean we're on a schedule, but that it's been a few hours since she last ate). Mom sits down on chair with Sam on her lap and adjusts shirt as necessary. Sam starts eating.

Mom: "Katie No! Don't do that. Coffee cups are for mom." (there's a coffee cup on the coffee table). "It's empty but you don't touch coffee cups. Please. Put it down. That's right...NO! I just said don't touch that!

Mom contorts her body to grab the cup while still nursing Sam, who is oblivious to all the talking. Puts coffee cup behind back (unconfortable but necessary) while thinking again at the brilliance that would be having random shelves, placed on every wall HIGH above the reach of any toddler.

Mom: "Katie, do you need a wipe? You're nose is running...go get a kleenex. Go...!....Kleenex...over there on the table. You were JUST playing with it. Please go get a kleenex so mom can wipe your nose. Katie, do you want a wipe?

Katie: "Yes!"

Mom: " Then go get some kleenex."

Katie does not go get the kleenex.

Mom: Hmm...(she thinks)...I remember Katie noticed the toilet paper earlier, lets try that. "Katie, go get the toilet paper from the bathroom. Mom will wipe your nose with that".

Katie, eagerly, runs (toddles) to the bathroom. Comes back with toilet paper...still attached to the roll. One LONG piece of toilet paper.

Mom: "Groan"..."Katie, rip a piece off...that's right, come here, Thank You..." (wipe wipe wipe).


What was I thinking? And this scene doesn't include the dozen requests to read X book and Y book. Thought I'd keep it brief-ish.

Enjoy the rest of your day!
PS...Seriously, Spring needs to come soon. -25 C in mid March is TOO COLD. My sanity depends on Spring coming asap. =)

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Anonymous said...

Wow... you are not painting a very inspiring picture for this soon-to-be mom!

You are doing awesome, and the weather is shaping up soon! We all can't wait to get outside.