Friday, November 2, 2007

More Cute

I know Halloween is over, but let's enjoy one last look at our Katie Kat.
We visited Great Grandma Toni (mom's mom's mom). Not sure how impressed GGT was at the costume, but I'm pretty sure she saw us. (These days that's something!)
On the way home we stopped off to visit Grandpa...

And Katie tried to show off her teeth (they're relatively HUGE now but still difficult to photograph) (those glinty white things...teeth.).

I think the costume may have been getting uncomfortable so we took it off. Really, we're lucky it just barely fit this year. We hung around at grandma and grandpa's house for a bit. You know how Halloween makes you feel like not working (when you have a job anyway)...well, when you're a Stay At makes you skip Strollercize. (that and a baby's crazy nap schedule) Katie looks so sad that we missed it!

What also makes Katie sad is more immunizations...we had her 6 month shots yesterday early morning. She did really well and only cried like crazy when the needles were going in and then I was able to distract her into calm right after. (That must be a hard job...being the nurse that sticks big needles into cute baby legs and makes happy baby's very very sad.) (but yes, I know it's for good reason).
Katie was a bit sleepy afterward and this was what I saw when we got home.
Katie was a little off for the rest of the day...little bit cranky and little bit more tired. I did sneak in a trip to Costco*...and do you know, normally, a cute baby in a Bjorn carrier gets looks, but a cute baby in a Bjorn in a cute HAT...she gets big smiles!

And otherwise, we didn't do much yesterday...Ben and I had bowling and Grandpa Dan came over for babysitting. He's off to England today to visit Uncle Ted, Annie and Beth and Wils (Lucky Man!).

And returned to us is Sheldon! He's been away doing army worky stuff for about 6 weeks so it was really nice to see him again. We'll have to do more visits (when Katie's not so crying) soon.

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday (is it really Friday already??)

* Speaking of Costco...did you notice they're not using tape with their bills anymore?? I asked (because I LOVE the tape) and apparently it costs too much. How the heck am I supposed to not lose my bill and return all the clothes that I have to buy without trying them on since you don't have changerooms? That's craziness.

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