Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not So Serious

Last evening, we had some fun with Katie on the big grown up bed. Specifically dad and Katie played peek-a-boo, where he disappears below the edge of the bed and pops up again. This is a favorite game.

I know these pictures are all similar, but I think it captures the experience and each one is a slightly different expression. (Note the cute outfit...although the tights are 12-24 month size and the feet are big...the better to grab says Katie!)

You're ignoring the rumpled sheets right? You know I usually iron them right after the 6 course dinner and before I sew all Katie's clothes for tomorrow, yes?

See how much fun they have together?
Of course, Katie wanted to explore photography too and took this self-portrait.
All that play is hard work. Time for some relaxing...dads are good for that too!

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