Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our home and COLD land...

O Canada...it's cold! Yesterday I said it was going to be -15...well I heard later it was as cold as -19...and officially I'm sure it was colder or is colder now. You'd think Uncle Shannon was coming to town or something! (The Shannon Front: Weather phenomenon where cold or bad weather coincides with just about every visit Uncle Shannon has ever had to Edmonton).

We've made sure Katie is warm and picked up a fleecy Bunting Bag (with legs) type thing. It's warm and cozy!

The funniest is how it has hand covers so when she tries to pick up toys or hug Koala...well, it just looks funny!

Today our only plans so far are to go to the library...sadly the Awesome knitting DVD that came in for me last week can only be out for a week. I'm not even through the first dvd! Argh...!!! And there's a huge waiting list for it, so if I sign up again, I probably won't get it until next year.
Good thing I have Katie to keep me occupied!

Stay warm and toasty!

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