Monday, November 12, 2007

Fish and Lights

Good Monday morning! How was your weekend? Mine was good.

Friday (or maybe Thursday..I don't know I'm just a baby) mom and I went to Grandma's place to do laundry (mom says the new washing machine will be here on Thursday...she seems pretty happy about it.).
I thought doing laundry was boring so I sat and watched Grandma's fish.
Whoever thought just sitting and staring at a big box shaped thing could be so much fun! I could have sat there for hours.
But mom decided we should do some reading too. We read a book about kitties. I like it when they go "meow". My love affair with kitty meows started when Grandma Cheryl read a book about kitties to me and said meow. I just LOVE it!

Saturday mom and dad thought it would be fun to take me to dad's school and watch something called "Voleebal". It was dad's school against Grandpa Ken' he and Grandma were there too. And mom and dad's friend Coreen was there...everybody was there...why weren't YOU there?. So, yeah, they thought it would be FUN to take me to LOUD place with lots of screaming teenagers. Are they CRAZY? Do they remember how I freaked out at dad's school on Halloween when there were lots of people? I have such good hearing that all that RACKET hurts my ears. Anyway, I knew what to do and as soon as I started screaming and crying they got me the heck out of there. GOOD!
So dad and grandpa stayed while mom and Grandma and I went back home and played. Nice and quiet. Grandma brought me a new toy...something nice to chew on that makes my gums feel all nice. And we listened to some nice music from when Grandma was little...something called "beetles?" Part of my "muoosyc edookasion" they said. Whatever that is!

Sunday mom and dad got these neato blue sparkly things and said they were going to put them on the house. I don't know why but I don't care. The sparkly things were neat.
Can I put some up in my room mom?
And so we had a nice weekend. I am very good now at moving backwards while on my tummy. And I'm an expert sitter upper. So if you know any babies that need some sitting up tips, you tell them to talk to my mommy and arrange a play date.
Today we're meeting babies at Strollercize because mom's knee is feeling better. And we're meeting mom's cousins for dinner. And Grandpa comes home today from England! I can't wait to see him...I missed him!

Have a nice Monday!

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