Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Opposite Day

Yesterday was Opposite Day.

I woke up and showered right away (I usually shower somewhat later), got all dressed up (I'm usually not so dressed sweats, but jeans and whatever shirt I can find), and went in to work (I usually stay home...duh). I went to work at my non-Katie job. We had a retreat yesterday to which those of us on leave were kindly invited. It was fun getting back into work thoughts again and seeing colleagues.

Missed Katie lots but she was in good hands with Grandpa Dan. The end of day report from him was that she was happy all day, napped well and ate well.

I have no pictures from yesterday (I know you really wanted pictures of a conference room.) but I do have some from the day before.

Grandpa Dan made a mobile (a while ago...!) that we put up in Katie's room. Cute elephants and piggies. They float nicely and I think Katie likes them.

Monday night we went to (great) Auntie Joan's for dinner with my old times!
John-Paul says Katie's much heavier that he was expecting!
Grandpa Dan had just returned from England and barely said hello to anyone before running over to say hi to the girl he missed most.
Uncle Joe was eager to spend some time with Katie and learn about dresses, leggings and girly stuff while teaching her the mechanics of clapping (he's a smart engineer).
Grandma Mary was enabling Katie's wine habit.

And David (in from Vancouver) spend quality bonding time with K. Smiles everywhere!
There were lots of people for a weeknight thing (Mark was there too...did we forget to make you hold Katie? We'll have to do that soon!).
And Auntie Andrea worked her magic and whispered funny secrets in Katie's ear.

It was a very fun evening and a special thank you to Auntie Joan for hosting!

And thank YOU for stopping by. Have a nice day!

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