Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bad News and Good News...

We have good news and bad news...can you guess?

Our washing machine (WM) is apparently around 20 years old and replacement parts are expensive. How sad! (tee hee...can you hear the sarcasm?)
Good news is of course that this enables us to buy a new WM! Yay! (well, new or new to us, whichever comes first and/or cheapest).

Based on our preliminary research (Consumer Reports and Investigative Grandpa at Sears) we would probably like to get the front loading WM. Less water, less energy, easier on clothes etc. The WM style of the new millennium...(although it's my understanding they've been around in Europe for years.)

We talked it over with Katie while at dinner Chez Russ and Steph (SO Yummy...I know you said it was a simple meal, but it was SO SO good...sorry we took off so quickly...little one slept like a dream anyway!) (Uh...even when mom tripped on the ExcerSaucer and it played music for like 10 minutes after turning out the lights and heading to bed).

Where was I?...oh yes, talked it over with K and she's very excited about the new WM.
So, today K and I are off to the mall to seek info and great deals on a WM. And pick up new fuzzy warm sleepers...it's cold out there!

Stay warm!

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