Friday, November 16, 2007

Old and New

Wednesday night we went for dinner at a friend's house(C and B with baby E)...they've just had a baby (2 weeks ago!) and invited us for dinner. (There is something SO WRONG about this...we should be having them over, bringing them food...they are doing so well I'm flabbergasted!) The baby is adorable. Amazing how we forget how little they are once our own grow big. It was a lovely evening. Katie and I were playing around with the camera yesterday (after her noon nap, which was 2 hours long...apparently, Katie did receive my note about napping!).
For the record, this is what I see:
...and this is what she sees:
And in wonderful news...say bye bye old and useless:
...hello new...and useless:
(for the moment, until we get it level...the floor in the laundry room's a heaving mess and unless we want a dancing washing machine (we don't) we (Ben or other strong male types) need to spend some time making the machine level)

But we are definitely happy to have a new machine. Clean clothes are so close, I can smell it.

What are you doing this weekend? I suspect we will be doing laundry. =)

PS...bowling last night (thanks to babysitters Ken and Cheryl) was something of a disaster for the whole team. We all did rather poorly...usually if someone is off the other(s) pick up the slack, but not yesterday, we were all in it together. We're hanging out near the very bottom of the rankings and I don't see that we'll be crawling out any time soon. It's a good thing we've decided it's more about having fun than winning. (funny how Fun vs Winning is inversely related to High vs Low scores) (did I say that right? Ben, is my math-speak ok?)

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