Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Baby's got a brand new...

...pair of mittens! With the weather staying on the colder side I felt it necessary to whip up a pair of mittens. They, of course, match her favorite hat.

Once I knew Katie was appropriately protected against the cold, we walked over to Southgate to look at Washing Machines. And warm fuzzy sleepers.

Shopping was fun...didn't buy any WM but did come away with two sleepers, which I can now say, result in a very good night's sleep.

We were lucky to get a call yesterday from Joanne who stopped by with C and G for a visit. Katie just loves Those ___ Girls. Toys were shared, Bumbo was sat in and Goldfish were consumed in great quantity. A good time was had by all.

Today we prepare for Katie's flu shot. And think about dinner...Any suggestions?

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Alli said...

Those mittens are really cute!! We can't have cold hands. We're having Dream Dinner Jimbalya (sp?) for dinner tonight. Lots of love!!!