Friday, November 23, 2007

Suited up

Still a slow week for us. I don't know what it is...Katie is no less cute than usual and yet I'm not taking out the camera as often. I'll work on getting back to normal over the weekend.

Proof that Katie is still cute...we tried on her snowsuit (since it's quite chilly these days...although the snow has melted and they're predicting a high of 3C today...yes that's above zero).
It's still a tad big. We bought this for 10$ at an "Outgrown It" sale. (used clothing etc)

It's neat that it has mitts, booties and hat attached. (mitts and booties do snap on and off)

The zipper on her other pink winter jacket has proven not so good, splitting from the bottom often. But we make do with the toggles and she seems toasty. I'm actually very envious of her. Getting carried to the backseat and a fleece blanket thrown over her. I may have to start keeping a fleece blanket in the car for myself! (and get Ben to carry me?)
I have forgotten to mention that I have gently tried introducing puffed wheat to Katie. I'm feeling like introducing new food textures is a good next step but am at the same time nervous about choking. The puffed wheat has a nice melt in your mouth quality so I don't worry so much. And we go slow. One at a time (for her, I'm doing handfuls!) and ALWAYS supervised.

Hey, maybe I'll try and gt a picture of that later!

As always, wishing you a lovely Friday.

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