Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Same old...

I'm really sorry that I have no photos or real news to share. We've just been doing the regular stuff and I've not been quick enough to get the camera out.

Monday we did the usual strollercize and came straight home to relax and think about dinner. I tried my hand at cooking a roast without any real recipe. But with a little advice from Grandma Mary and a hodgepodge of stuff from a cookbook. Threw an onion and some wine in with the roast at 325. Ended up being a little more well done that the rare-ish we like, but it was edible. Yes, edible means something sometimes. We had a backup plan of ordering pizza had it not worked out, so it was good we didn't have to resort to that.

Yesterday, Katie and I did our shopping and library trip in the morning. Three places looking for Chorizo sausages and not one to be found. We subbed Italian for this recipe. It was a big success...very tasty and warm for when Ben walked home from work.

We had some fun with Katie, again practicing throwing the football. She's not very good yet. She needs more practice. We have also figured out that if you hold her hands out while she's on her tummy, she will pull her arms and move towards you. It's funny because it looks like you're the one moving her but really it's her. I was going to take a video of it, but Ben said it would just look like we were doing it. Maybe I'll try it anyway.

Katie has been working on her talking lately...she's been vocal for quite a while, but her sounds are more word-like...more actual "mamama" and repeated sounds. And you can really see her tongue sometimes, working so hard to make sounds. It's weird, I had never really noticed how much our tongues work to make sounds. It's amazing when you think about it.

And I suppose another reason while we're keeping it low key is that I'm absolutely enthralled with a book, The Glass Castle. It's the new book for my book club (which I haven't been to since Katie was born). The first pages had me grinning and cringing both, at the funny/painful situations that are detailed. I'm still finding that, now that I'm near the end of the book. I could loan it to you when I'm done (by tonight likely) if you want. Any takers?

I'll try and take even some boring pictures for you today. =) Promise!

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alli said...

Having a ton of fun in Germany we are off to Berlin today. lots of love. give katie a big kiss.