Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun with Friends

Yesterday we finally saw Those _____ Girls after a few weeks of busy. We all went to Chapters/Starbucks where mom's could grab a drink. Katie was waiting excitedly for them to arrive:
Here's C with a big smile...both girls were wearing the cute shirts we gave them for their birthday (nice planning Joanne!) that say Those ___ Girls.

How adorable! Here's G. They are both not yet walking but standing very well and very close to walking. Definitely a lot of scooting and crawling. It's good exercise chasing after those girls!

Katie was calmly sitting (trapped?) in her stroller trying to eat a whole container of puffed wheat.
It's always nice to visit with friends. Katie was having such a good time watching them that even though she was getting up to an hour past nap time, and possible into lunch time, she was just happy and excited. Not at all grumpy.

When we came home, Katie and I had some fun on our own.

Have a nice Wednesday!

PS...Katie says special Congratulations to deserve it!!!

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