Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Update

This weekend was a busy one...mainly due to Laundry Catchup...! YAY our new washing machine is working and it's FANTASTIC. It's quiet and fast and spins lots of water out of clothes. I've never enjoyed laundry so much! Special thanks to Dad and Grandpa Ken for setting up the washing machine. I'm sure you didn't work so hard just because our old clothes were stinky, but because you love us. =)

Friday Katie and I went to visit Grandma Mary. Mom forgot the sippy cup so we practiced drinking out of a big girl cup.
We like drinking out of a big girl cup! (and we get water all over our shirt, but who cares, we have a washing machine!)
Thank goodness for the washing machine. Seriously, you can tell we're running low on clothes when outfits no longer match. See a very "What Not to Wear" outfit below...note the hair sticking up too!

Oblivious to fashion disaster, Katie played with a ball of yarn.
And a football (Christmas Colours not intended).

We had a dinner invite to Auntie Andrea's on Sunday night. There was a roaring warm and toasty! Maybe Katie's first fire?

She couldn't take her eyes off it!
Until she found her shoes...There was some delicious lids:
And fun all around.Katie ended up being pretty tired so we dressed her in her sleeper and put her in the car where she did, eventually, fall asleep. Ben and I fondly reminisced of being a sleepy kid in a car.

In other news...Alli and Shannon are in Germany by now..special Hello to them. And...Great Grandma Lill was (is she still?) in LA and we forgot to mention it! See the fun she had here.

Have a super day...after you take a "Peek" at this special bonus video!

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