Monday, November 5, 2007

A Birthday Girl!

No, the birthday girl is not Katie, obviously, but I'll get to that. Note that today's pictures are somewhat out of order.

We begin with an all too often seen scene from the breakfast table. See empty plates? And lots of tablecloth? So sad. This is the result of the paper arriving later that desired this morning. As a reader of the paper every single morning, I find it hard to start the morning without it. Some of you may understand this. How hard is it to get a paper delivered by 6:33am...Come On People!

(ok, yes, I recognize that perhaps this is a little early to be mad that the paper's not yet come, but honestly, some days (like this past Saturday) it doesn't come until 9am. That's ridiculous!)

Photoshoot attempt at getting pictures of the mystery teeth have been somewhat successful. I believe that if you click to get bigger pictures you WILL see teeth.

Now, the Birthday Girl...? Why it's Great Grandma Toni (two features on the blog in one'd be on the blog lots too if you were turning 90...yes, NINETY years young!)
Celebrating and eating cake and cupcakes were cousin Shannon and her sons Carter and Ryan.
Also present were Andrea, Sheldon, Uncle Jerry and Grandma Mary. (Grandpa Dan is in England...have we yet mentioned how jealous...I mean, how much we miss him?)
Katie did some bonding with GG Toni.
And played with her balloon:

This birthday stuff was all on Sunday. We also had Andrea, Sheldon and Grandma Mary over for dinner. Sheldon was reacquainting with Katie. She's not sure yet how she feels about him. We'll get there! I believe they'll be babysitting this Thursday, that'll be the true test.
We also woke up to real snow on Sunday...the kind I don't think is going to go away until March (ok, that's optimistic, maybe April or May)

Katie was sitting and acting pensive.
And joyful in her real Winter Coat.
We had swimming lessons too. The new thing was swimming with life jackets. Woo hoo! That was neat. Dad said Katie really loved it!
Also, not pictured, was Saturday morning breakfast with Grandma and GG Lill at the Upper Crust. This alone would have made for a lovely brunch, but to our surprise, we also found Grandma Mary and all the Aunts, having their once a month breakfast. AND we also saw our friend Shelley. It was like half the cafe was friends and family. What a nice surprise!

Have a wonderful day. We'll Strollercizing and doing laundry at Grandma's and at Russ and Stephanie's (who are kind enough to have us for dinner tonight too...yay!). Washing Machine is unfortunately broken...and the unfortunate part is that it's nor broken enough to buy and new one. Yep, we can buy a part...wee! =( (kidding, I don't want to spend money on a new machine if we don't have too!)

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