Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

How to carve a pumpkin in 30 min or less:
Wash pumpkin (donated by grandparents, so the last-minuteness begins). Pick best side. Sketch out face. Realize don't have cool saws etc for modern-day pumpkin carving.
Say "Whatever!" and carve traditional triangle features.

Add two teeth so smile resembles someone else that we all know and love.

Nod with pleasure and note that old school pumpkin design is maybe a little creepier than the designer stuff with saws anyway.

Today's plan is to dress Katie up in her costume for Strollercize (and hope we're not the only ones!) and then great big kid trick or treaters this evening.

Yesterday we had a lovely lunch with Great Grandma Mary. And forgot to take any photos.

We also have two new foods for Katie's list...Broccoli and Prunes (as prescribed by the Dr...we're having mild poop issues lately but I think we're getting better!).

Have a great Halloween!

PS...Katie's been enjoying her exersaucer a lot lately...but she may grow out of it sooner than we'd like. She's been doing this (see video) which I don't believe is the intended use:

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