Friday, October 26, 2007

Six Months!

Katie is 6 months old today!
She is a beautiful, amazing, curious, fun, happy, strong, smart, lovely little girl. The last 6 months (and the 9 before) that you have been in our lives has been incredibly special my daughter. Your dad and I are loving every minute of it.

Yesterday, while bowling, we had the conversation that everyone has and that we've had before...and realized that we now have a perfectly different answer to the question: What would you do if you won the Lotto 649 (22 million this Saturday!)?

(honestly, we never really play, we just talk about winning)

The answer used to be something about maybe keep working a bit, take time finding the dream job, go back to school (Culinary? Art? Triathlon?), tear down and build a house in the best neighbourhood in the city, travel etcetcetc.

Now we've realized the answer is none of those...all we would do is be stay at home parents. We'd love nothing more than to spend our days hanging out with our Katie.

Wednesday, Katie had a bit of a runny nose (from teething perhaps?) and I was thinking of skipping Strollercize in case she was getting sick. Then I got a call from Auntie Andrea inviting us out to lunch and that was that...God was telling us to play hooky and have a day off.

We went to Vi's for Pies and had some soup and sandwiches. Grandma Mary was there too, but offered to take the picture.

Yesterday Katie and I spent some quality time sitting on the floor in PJ's. Too bad it's not fashionable for adults to wear PJ's like this as clothes...they'd eb so comfy! As stylish as Katie proves.
Once we got the PJ's off we headed out for lunch with a good old friend of mom's...Roy...he's some kind of genius working on his PhD at U of A. We've been friends since high school...that's a good 13 years...almost half of our lives now! Crazy! Roy was great and said all the right things about Katie being adorable (told you he was smart) and played Peek A Boo to distract her while we were packing up (Katie had had enough of the High Level Diner).
Dad also surprised us and was home earlier than expected from work...Katie had some great fun playing on the couch. (She was "climbing" down the pillow mountain at lightning speed!)

Katie is also very into all forms of Peek A Boo...Here's a video of dad playing with her while jumping...he's popping up from behind the chair and she's scared and loving it at the same time.

(sorry for the video quality...not sure why that's to blurry and pixely)
My trick of mixing lentils with squash has worked VERY WELL. See photos below.
Yesterday was also bowling night, so Grandma Cheryl came over to babysit. Katie enjoyed the time together and Cheryl is helping me with my plan to raise a reader.
In other news...Well, it's cooling off dramatically. After a 20C day when we were lunching at Vi's on Wednesday, we actually woke up to a smattering of snow on the ground this morning. By the time Katie wakes up from her morning nap and it's light enough to see it, the snow will likely be gone. But it was there...Katie's first snow!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday and that I haven't rambled on too much today!

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