Monday, October 29, 2007

Peas Please!

This weekend was raced by but I didn't feel like we did much of anything. Except Katie, I mean, she's so busy growing all the time. I feel lazy in comparison!

Here's a picture of the snow we had on Friday (yes...looks like we still have to rip out the rest of the garden...there's still time.)I had finished a sweater for Katie around the end of summer time and being wool, it was too warm to wear it (and too big). Nothing like a bit of snow to scare a mom into digging out wool and fleece! The proportions are a little weird...3/4 length sleevs while the body is too wide. I may add some length to the sleeves, we'll see! Oh, and it still needs buttons. (It's the Baby Surprise Jacket by knitting legend Elizabeth Zimmermann. I think Katie likes it...!

We also added two new foods to Katie's list...Peas on Friday...which went very very well (mom likes them too...very sweet!).Katie ate the whole was the best she's ever done so far with a brand new food.

We also tried carrots yesterday...Hmm...surprisingly, we're not too sure about those. Personally I find there's a bit of a weird texture to them. And although I would eat carrots anytime (yum!) I found even I enjoyed the peas more than carrots. Peas Please!

We were at Grandpa Dan and Grandma Mary's for dinner last night, and besides providing the usual entertainment, Katie did a first and rolled over from front to back. I'm not sure she realized what happened and I don't think it's something she's going to be doing frequently yet. Here's the after shot(after-shock?)..."what just happened here?".

Ben and I finished up watching Heroes on DVD...only after Katie is in bed...not as good as LOST, but still intriguing.

We also were lucky that Grandma Cheryl was able to babysit on yesterday so that we were able to join some friends for a baby-less brunch. Happy Birthday Shelley!

Katie says "I like spoons!"

Have a super Monday everyone!

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