Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Yesterday we had Katie's 6 month doctors appointment. (She's got 9 more days until 6 mo is official!) As we suspected, she's healthy, a good size and perfect in every way. =) Although the doctor didn't mention that she was the most amazing baby he's ever seen...Am I the only one that thinks that?

Katie officially weighs 19.5 pounds now. We got the ok to start feeding her vegetables so I started right away with Acorn Squash for lunch. We will now be eating 3 meals a day...cereal, veg, veg each followed by breast milk. And in between she can nurse as a snack and/or have cereal for her evening snack. I've been really looking forward to making real food for K and introducing her to healthy yummy food. Squash seems as good a place to start as any. I cubed it and boiled it while she was sleeping and than blitzed it in the mini food processor (next time I'll use the big one).
The result was tasty (I thought)...Katie...well, she definitely knew it was different. She made a good effort but did spit out quite a bit. I'm impressed for her first time though...doesn't she look excited?

I froze whatever we had left in ice cube trays and later threw it in a ziploc in the freezer...doing the prep made me realize I'm not cutting and boiling squash twice a day...better to do it in a big batch and have it last at least a few days. We had the same for dinner and Ben said she did quite well. We'll be adding new veg every few days, after we make sure there's no allergy to any given food.

The doc has a specific order that he'd like us to follow for feeding, which I hear is slightly different than the current recommendations from Health Canada (can't find on their website). Doc says veg (includes grains eg lentils) and cereal until 8 mo, add fruit until 10 mo, then introduce meat. Canada food guide apparently says eat whatever whenever after 6 mo...especially to get meat for iron. I'll have to do some research and perhaps call the doc back to inquire about the diff between the two methods.

It's hard when you're trying to do the right thing but have different experts tell you different things. I'm thinking of listing the foods Katie eats on the sidebar, so that grandparents etc will know what you may feed her when they're babysitting.

Yesterday we also went for a walk with J and Those ___ Girls. I had the Chariot in the car so I suggested that J give it a try with the twins. Just to see how they like it. (Here they are with A., their neighbour who dropped by).
The verdict? Joanne says - Not bad...handles well, but will the girls stop stealing the other's soother?!

No big plans today except strollercize. Whether looks a bit iffy...I think only a high of 14C or so.

Happy Wednesday!

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