Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ever feel like something's not quite right?

Katie and I went to stroller class yesterday. Sometimes I'm really organized and sometimes I'm not. Getting to class can be a challenge timing wise. Here's yesterday's schedule...

6:45am - Katie wakes up and eats for about 15 minutes. Cuddles and plays with dad before he goes to work. Plays on floor while mom reads paper and eats breakfast.

8:am ish - goes down for first nap after a little snack.

9ish - wakes up ready to play! We play for a bit and call Grandpa Dan and arrange a visit(latte included). We chat and play with Grandpa then get tired.

11am - Nap number 2. During this time mom gets workout clothes ready, waterbottle and diaperbag stuff. Chariot's already in the trunk thanks to Ben.

12:15 - Wake up Katie and quickly feed (this is where we feel the time crunch starting...!) Change Katie's diaper and dress her in day clothes. Put her in the Bumbo while I grab everything and put on shoes and run out the door. In the car see time is 12:45...perfect leaving time.

1:15 - Start running and jumping and lunging and squatting and bicep-curling and tricep toning and did I mention running? and more lunging and sideways squatting etcetcetc. I feels sweaty and run down, but in a good way. Then while stretching I think...Hey, I'm really good at this. Getting things together and being organized. This is great!...Then, I look down at my feet and see something like this:

Two Different Shoes. What was that again?

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