Monday, October 15, 2007

She's a Lush-kow

Well, another weekend goes by and today's the Municipal election...make sure you vote!

Katie had a wonderful weekend. We tried on her purple fleece jacket (and wore it as it was a bit chilly in the mornings) (which also has matching pants). It fits well and we think purple is a very good colour for her. Her dad especially loves the sporty look. Her mom thinks it's funny how some things make her look older and other things make her look like a tiny baby.

We went to G and G's church this weekend instead of our own. Just for a change. This is the same church where mom and dad got married...funny to come back with our daughter just four and a half years later!
We also had Katie's VERY FIRST swimming lesson on Sunday. At Confederation pool which is actually a saltwater pool. Here's mom and Katie (next week is dad's turn) in the pool practicing floating on her back . (photos taken discretely by dad, after lifeguard said not too...Katie do as we say, not as we do!)
Here we see the little boy, ahem, I mean swim teacher, telling Katie how's she's the best swimmer in the class despite being (we suspect) the youngest. Well, not really, but I'm sure that's what he wanted to say. Really, Katie just might be a fish...she kicks a lot and seems to enjoy the water. Especially loves seeing all the other kids.

Sunday night we had the luxury of being invited to G Ken and G Cheryl's for dinner (phew, no cooking!) with the other G and G as well. Turned into a bit of a wine tasting with our little Lush-kow here: (SO SORRY about the red eye, it's Laser Katie out to zap the wine or something!)

Sommelier Katie approves of the wine selection for the evening.

And there should be more pictures of K and C, but I was having too much fun at dinner. And they were at swimming too (just to remain balanced for the photo record...I know no one cares but me!).

Otherwise in the weekend...we hit another "outgrown it" sale in Sherwood Park and found the perfect snowsuit for TEN DOLLARS. (Funny...I actually just typo'd "swimsuit"...Katie was the only "naked" baby at they really suits? They're babies!) I love these sales. We did not buy anything else because we are practicing restraint and realizing she will be with us for upwards of 20 years and that's lots of time to buy her more things.

Enjoy your Monday!

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