Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Yesterday Katie and I had a great of those days where I actually felt like Supermom...

We managed to have fun, sleep well during naps, tidy up the house and prepare dinner for Coreen, Joanne and the twins. Not every day feels like a supermom day and I don't think every day needs too...but it was great to have a day where I accomplished a lot and didn't feel exhausted by the process. I enjoyed having company and sharing good food. And Katie really enjoys watching those big girls...seeing the big girl things they do. It was just a great day!

I did forget some ingredients for dinner on our first shopping trip of the day, so Katie and I made a run over to a nearby shop with Katie in her stroller *sans car seat* for the first time.
Previously, her car seat fit right onto the top of the stroller facing the she's facing front and can see all the exciting things out there in the world.
Here's a shot of the three girls sharing shirt day?
Chicken Korma and my favorite chickpea salad and yummy fruit salad for dessert. And to end a Super day was a super pink sky, which I tried to photograph, but of course, it's never as beautiful as it is in person. But I tried!
Today Katie and I visited a friend and her little boy and after that went off to strollercize. I was brave enough to try the running group (we're usually in the walk/jogger group) and it wasn't all that bad. For anyone who's interested, I took some pictures of the trails and the gorgeous green and gold river valley.
(um, yes, it was harder going up than down the stairs...!)
And from the LRT bridge, a beautiful river and sky.
All of this is so much better in person. The weather today was gorgeous...very cool on our morning walk to visit Julie but nicer by the time we had stroller class. Katie was warm and tucked in with fleece jacket and blanket.

Ben is doing well too...I can't believe I haven't mentioned him yet today! Without him, I could never be supermom! He makes Katie laugh while I'm busy in the kitchen and loves feeding her. Really, he's a Superdad...and probably doesn't even know it. I think I'm rambling. I think there was something else I was going to say, but I forget...til next time I guess!

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