Monday, October 8, 2007


This weekend was Thanksgiving and of course, besides the normal abundance of thanks we give for family, health etc, we have a great BIG THANKS for our beautiful Katers...looking adorable and tinier than usual sitting in a big grown-up chair:We had a predictably busy weekend (still not over since today's a holiday!) starting with a "wii" visit with Russ(maker of delicious chili) and Steph(master of the wii). Did I mentioned we got to play their new Wii? It was a really neat experience...Of course Ben and I rock the bowling but not so much the Mario. It was very fun although I don't think we'll be buying a wii of our own anytime soon. We'll stick with our wee (one) for now.

And, no Katie's not too fond of beer yet. =)

We did try something new this weekend...taking the playpen out for the evening so that Katie can sleep at her normal 8pm bedtime while we're out. This way our "busy" social life isn't cramped by having to rush home super early. We weren't sure how she'd take the move into the car and then into the house and being interrupted from a deep sleep, but overall she did very well and slept through the night once we did make it home. Good Girl! We'll definitely try that again!

Saturday night we had dinner at Great Grandma Mary's.
Katie was lucky enough to get her first ever piece of raw carrot to gnaw on. Not sure whether she really liked it or not, but it sure was cute to watch!
Hanging out in the kitchen was definitely where it's at!Even GG Mary got in on the action...although afterwards she did mention how much Katie has grown since last time...much heavier! (What a healthy growing girl we have!)
Katie was wearing a new dress for the occasion. Kind of funny how she and dad blend in with the autumn coloured couch.
And see the great Babylegs? Leggings, so she can wear a dress in cooler weather and we can still have easy diaper access. And they happen to coordinate with the dress. Perfect!

Grandpa Ken did a great job getting some laughs out of Katie.
Sunday night we had more turkey at Grandma Mary's. With all grandparents there, I think they shared Katie very well. Ken and Cheryl entertained Katie for a while on the couch.

Having fun with the camera, I took this self-portrait. ( a true sign or're in fewer pictures)There was a full house...

Uncle Jerry did an excellent job on the place cards. I took ours home because they're so pretty! Maybe I'll use them when I set the table for dinner. Just so we don't get confused over who sits where (Ahem, if I properly set the table for's not that we eat in front of the TV or anything (been there done that), but it's a wee bit more casual than a thanksgiving table setting)
Andrea got in some good cuddle time. It's looks like our plan to train her for babysitting is working well...she did such a good job last Thursday that Katie will do nothing but smile for her. We joke and say it's the looking in a mirror!

And lastly, a divine image I like to call "Study in Red":
Red shirts and red eyes to match.

In non pictures...Ben and Katie went for a nice long run on was gorgeous...I think it went up to about 20C yesterday! And Katie is getting closer to rolling over from front to back. She almost managed it at dinner on Saturday night but not quite. I don't think it'll be long now if we give her more practice time.

And, another thing to give thanks for...napping. Not just Katie napping, but mom and dad. Yesterday, Ben and I were so sleepy we did the ol' nap when Katie naps...from 8am until 10am. And we both agreed it was the best nap ever!

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