Monday, October 1, 2007

Another weekend goes by...

Well, another weekend has come and gone. How do they go by so fast?
Friday night Ben and I rented a movie...Knocked Up...which, I know, is silly frat boy humour for the most part, but some of the baby stuff was funny and relevant to us. Ok, who am I trying to impress, I thought it was hilarious. The movie may not be for everyone but for a light laugh it's good enough.

This weekend we also tried riding Patrick the Puppy, an adorable "rocking puppy" that was a gift from Alli and Shannon...Katie can't quite manage on her own yet, but she enjoyed the ride anyway. We also celebrated Stephanie's birthday (wii wish you a happy birthday!) with a lovely brunch on Sunday. Katie was a really good girl and didn't fuss much at all even though we pushed an hour past her nap time.

We had a nice visit with Auntie Janet and Uncle Steve(not pictured, that's Grandpa Ken of course!) who were up from Peace River. Katie had never met Auntie Janet before but I think they got along well.
We also bought another new car seat...turns out the other one didn't actually fit well in the end. Gosh Darn It (or other choice words). But the new one is fantastic and fits very well. Katie felt comfortable enough in it to sleep on her very first trip.
The trip was to Grandma and Grandpa Mary and Dan's for dinner. Now, I know mom and dad, that Katie did not appear to happy when we left (who wasn't sad to leave after a yummy dinner?) but as proof that she was indeed ok, and we do not tolerate crazy screaming all the way home:
A happy girl not 1 minute after leaving. Ah, the magic that is "puppypuppypuppypuppy" (said in a growly voice).

Enjoy your Monday!

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Alli said...

That is one happy baby!!! I'm glad she is enjoying patrick :)