Friday, September 28, 2007

Things I've been meaning to tell you...

1. Last weekend mom and dad bought me a new cute pair of pants. 2. Actually it was at least 2 new pairs of pants.
3. I have been learning how to sit up a bit. It's works best when I'm not too tired and better when I'm sitting on someone's lap. But as you can see, I can definitely sit up on my own. (for a few seconds anyway!)
4. I love my dad. (You probably already knew that)
5. I love my mom too.
6. We grew some sexy love carrots in our garden this year.
7. See I told you I was sitting up!
8. My mom's Uncle Jerry makes the best Zucchini Ginger Marmalade she's ever tasted (ok,so the only ZGM she's ever tasted, but boy was it good!)
9. I'm a very happy baby.
10. Mom cleaned out the junk drawer the other day and these were the contents. How does that much stuff fit in one drawer?
11. I'm learning how about space and how to read...At The Same Time. Thanks to Dr. Suess and Uncle Shannon.
12. I celebrated my 5 month birthday on Wednesday...holy cow that's old!

These are all things I've been meaning to tell you. I feel much better's no fun keeping secrets.

Have a super day! =)


Ben said...

Great post girls...real funny.

Alli said...

I love the one of her sitting by herself on the couch. REALLY CUTE!! And my, my those are some sexy carrots :)