Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sick Days

Well, we're sick. All of us except Katie anyway (in other words, Ben and I). Nothing much happening because of that. Ben is on his second day home from work and I would stay home if I wasn't here already. Really we're ok and only have colds...but enough of a cold that it makes life a little less fun.

On a more FUN note...we paid a little visit to Uncle Ray and Auntie Jen the other night...Katie was on excellent behavior for the "before bedtime" hour. She demonstrated the rollover, her eating skills and smiled a lot. And she met cousins Evan and Mel for the first time (how did those kids grow up so fast!! Seriously, I remember meeting them when Ben and I were first dating and they were little they're both in high school...Craziness)Auntie Andrea popped over for a bit yesterday, on her way out of town for work. Katie was adorable although a wee bit on the cranky side. (Is that one happens when you wake up at 2am and 4 am when you're supposed to be sleeping? Didn't I warn you nighttime was for sleeping?)
And Grandma and Grandpa D stopped by for a few minutes too. I know they just saw her last week or so but they both insist she looks older. More mature...poised.
Enough that I think I need to take her in to get weighed today. And she's SO heavy now it seems. Sometimes, I need to know how heavy she really is, so I can justify getting tired arms and all that. Like...when you think, "boy it's cold out" and then find out the wind chill is about get to say ''SEE, I told you it felt cold out" and know that hey, you were right. Do you ever feel like that?

On another good note...being sick made me feel so lazy about the idea of cooking a real dinner that I dug around for a slow cooker recipe using ingredients we had in the house. Thank you frozen chicken breasts, potatoes, onions, carrots from the garden and spices. 5 hours later and Very Little Work (yay) we had a really delicious chicken stew. I thought homemade biscuits would have been a nice touch too, but Ben pointed out that whenever I make biscuits we eat too many, so again, yay for lazy. =)

Hope you are all feeling well and keeping warm.

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