Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cooling Off...

Well...I'm having trouble posting because I haven't actually taken a picture of Katie in a couple of days (can you believe it? Trust me, she's no less cute than before). I did take this one on Monday...see how we no longer have the head rest that in her car seat? She's definitely outgrown it. We're actually planning on looking around for her next car seat this weekend. Other than that we have not done much this week. Strollercize as always...there was a news guy at our class yesterday and they even taped us! But I was so busy and a wee bit tired yesterday that I totally forgot about it until 9pm...missed the 6pm news and no way could I stay up for the 11pm news to see if they played it then. Oh well! Did anyone see it?

I went to the library yesterday as well..Love the library! You can find books on line, request them, and they will email you when your book comes in and the day before the book is due back! Just what I need! I'm reading knitting books, a couple of parenting books (usually I just skim these and take what information I want...general ideas and such) and a nutrition book that I'm enjoying quite a bit!

We had Grandpa Ken, Grandma Cheryl and Great Grandma Lill over for dinner last night for homemade pizza. Sort of for a run through on Katie's bedtime routine since K and C are babysitting for bowling tonight. The pizza was good although it stuck to the pan (we make our own dough in the breadmaker) and I'm pleased to say I figured out how to replicate the Lemon Poppyseed dressing for spinach salad like they make at Vi's for Pies. Delish!

AND...I couldn't help but pick up a few cute CUTE clothes from cough*superstore*cough because believe it or not, they are SO adorable. Pics to come for sure when the clothes are washed and Katie's wearing them.

Ok, that's all for now. Proof that more words doesn't equal less boring. =)

PS...and by Cooling Off I mean FROST...this morning. We harvested all the tomatoes and Zucchini yesterday...I can't believe how many tomatoes grew!

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