Monday, September 24, 2007

High Up

Well, how the heck do weekends go so fast? Space-time continuum? Ben stayed home on Friday, making it day three home from work. We're both a bit better now but coughed our way through the weekend. We did our best to keep things fun for Katie.
This involved the Hold Me Up game, which we love. See how much we love? I'm not an expert but could this be baby sign language for "More Please!" (see how polite she is already?).
Friday while Ben was recovering, we snuck out for coffee at our nearby Italian Center Shop where I boldly refused all pastries. (If you've been there, you know how hard this is!) Katie was a bit overdue for a nap when we went, so that's why she's not smiling much.
We also did some shopping for a new car seat this weekend...Little Miss 18 pounder is getting a bit heavy when you add on the weight of her little car seat too, so an upgrade will happen soon. The question is, will the car seat we bought fit in the car? Without my knees up my nose in the passenger seat? Hmm...I'll let you know. Those car seats are big. I wonder if the car seat people got together with the minivan people...?

Katie wants you to know she's been working a lot on her push ups and hopes you are too. She can do at least 30 in a row...or so...How many can you do?
Katie has been a dream sleeper mostly these days (pun intended? What does she dream? Did I tell you about my dream?...I'll tell you later). Maybe it's because we have a nice bedtime routine which includes a bath like this (bubbles optional):
(Kudos to dad for taking the excellent picture)

Hope you're having a lovely Monday and special Hi to Cheryl and Alli having much girly fun together in Los Angeles.

PS...My dream? ...I was delivering pizza to some girl who decided she then didn't want the pizza. I was angry (duh) and threw a really gross diaper at her. I ran and stole my sister's car for the getaway... What the heck did I eat before bed that night? Any weird dreams you want to share?

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