Friday, September 7, 2007


Yesterday Katie (finally?) rolled over from her back to her tummy unassisted for the first time. About a month ago, she was oh-so-close...and then nothing. She stopped trying. So we helped her a bit and insisted on a little more blanket time. My theory has been lately that maybe if I ignore her a bit and leave toys lying nearby, she'd be bored and motivated. I'd like to think I was right although it's likely just a case of her being ready.

The moment in pictures:
This is how I left her...picture initially taken t show cute outfit. Sorry 'bout the lighting in all of these, it's been a little cloudy and dark lately.

I thought her look was saying "See mom? I'm on my back and I love it! I have no intention of rolling over ever!"
Not 4 minutes later ( I noticed the time on the computer) I saw that she was now like this:And had gotten there without out any audible fussing. She looked quite pleased I think, and I encouraged her with lots of clapping, which I'm trying to teach is a sign of good/fun things!
I know these pictures are all kind of the same, but they're all so cute!

In other news, feeding continues to go well. We had a lovely playdate with the twins yesterday and have another set up with my friend Julie and baby M this afternoon. Busy = fun week!
Have a super day...I'm going to go make some tea...don't know what the temperature is but it's chilly!

PS...Bowling...yes, we're not talking about that due to mom's appalling bowling scores. It appears that I may be subconsciously striving for a low average to increase my handicap. Regardless, it was a fun evening and we look forward to a new season.

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Charity said...

These pictures are lovely, Heather, what a happy baby! :0)