Thursday, September 6, 2007

A New Thing

Bad Blogger = Good Mom. Lack of posting this week so far has been due to play time and mother/baby time in general.

We Strollercized yesterday and even went to the pool afterwards with another mom and her 6 month old. Katie had more fun that last time I think...realizing that the pool, although big and scary can be fun too! The only problem was that after all that, we ended up getting home quite late. Leaving the house at 12:45 for the 1:15 class (time to set up the Chariot), class ends at 2:30 and it was about 3:00 before we were in the pool. We stayed for 30 min and then decided to leave (my decision, not Katie's...she wasn't fussing yet, but why let it get to that right?). By the time we got home, with heavier traffic it was about 4pm. Long afternoon!

We also got our 4 month immunization shots yesterday...Katie was brave and did even better than last time! Katie now weighs 17.7 pounds and still around 27 inches.

Katie's not rolling over yet, but I think I know why. She's started devoting energy to a new thing. All of the sudden she's started doing this:
Sucking in her bottom lip...even while she's eating (or trying/learning/pretending to eat).

Where is she getting this from? (Of course, I had pictures of both Ben and I doing this, as my punch line, but Ben's was a bit fuzzy, and mine...well, I've decided no one needs to see that much of my nostril...!)

Here's what it looks like when we're not eating.
Today, the plan is to go to Costco and meet Those M__ girls this afternoon. And probably sneak in some laundry and dishes.

Tonight's a Big Night...first night of league bowling for mom and dad. It'll be tough living up to our second place finish from last year, but we're up for the challenge. Really, I'm just hoping to have as much fun as we did last year. Grandma Mary and Grandpa Dan are the first babysitters...Thanks to those who are keeping their Thursday nights open!

Katie's sleeping right now, and although this picture is not from this morning, this is an accurate representation of the "I'm Tired Eye Rub". Such a simple and neat thing... if you think about it, everyone does it! Pay attention next time you're tired...I'll bet you rub your eyes.
Have a great day everyone!

P.S. I HAVE to share this...I met another mom at strollercize, who introduced me to her friend Heather...I go "Oh, I'm Heather too...what's your last name?" Honest to goodness, she says "D_______" and says my actual maiden name. Is that not crazy?!! I knew there was another one in the city, but to finally really meet her was freaky neat. And she knew about me too! =)

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