Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Watch what you wish for..

Hello! We had a great weekend and I hope you did too! This weekend we ...hmm...now that I think about it, I can't really remember what we did. Thank goodness for pictures!
Looks like we went shopping...Katie is really enjoying the Baby Bjorn and so are we. It works well when you go shopping for a few things but don't want to bother with getting out the stroller or using a cart. We also went swimming with Katie this weekend...just playtime, no laps for mom and dad, we're working up to it. She's going to be a great swimmer though...we hold her up on her tummy and she has lots of fun and kicks her legs and moves her arms. We'll have to be careful though, or she might expect this kind of treatment in the bathtub. Physically Not Possible! She also likes watching the other kids.
It makes me think we need to do more with other kids. I'm planing on signing up for October swim lessons for her and I at the nearby pool.
(Swimming video to come...technical details, check back later!)

We also went for a family run on Sunday morning, while there was still a bit of frost in the air (well, on the chariot anyway!). 3 times around Hawrelack Park...about 7.5km. We're sort of training for the Terry Fox run which is next Sunday.

And regarding wishes...the story of the weekend.

Friday (or Saturday?) Katie was jumping in the jumper and I was just saying to Ben..."Hmm...Katie hasn't pooped in a couple of days I think...Guess we'll have to keep an eye on that...solid food, probably changing her habits" I'm reading the paper or a recipe or something at the table and Katie's in the kitchen. Then, Ben walks by and says, "I think she's pooping". I look at Katie and agree, "yes, her face does look like a poop face, good girl". And then Ben says, "NO, she's POOPING...on the floor!" It appears that we must watch what we wish for. It was quite a mess for which cleanup involved a launderific amount of cloths and wipes and ended with a "Mom and Katie Shower". You should be very glad there's no smelling over the internet as we have entered Big Girl Poop territory (for those of you without kids yet, breastfed baby poop smells a bit like yeasty bread and not really all that bad or strong...once they start eating solid food...lookout!)

Note: This video does not include poop. It is safe for viewing by those who do not like baby poop. This is merely a video including a jolly, jumping baby.

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modmom said...

she's adorable + she loves jumping!
congratulations! she won my boon feeding products giveaway. send your mailing address to me at modmommy @ gmail.com