Monday, September 17, 2007


This weekend was a busy one! Ben was feeling a bit under the weather (Back to School germs) (or is he really allergic?) and missed a great brunch at Joanne and Chad's. Coreen and Michael were there too...the best picture I took was this one (the bright sun wasn't good for the other pics):It was a really nice brunch and we had a great time (Bennies but no Ben).
Then I went to a fun Tupperware party at Stephanie's and we had friends David and Neil over for dinner. Taught them the art of SkipBo which was a blast. (No pictures of all this...oops)

Sunday we were supposed to do the Terry Fox run but didn't because Ben still wasn't feeling great...disappointing, but there's always next year!

Ken and Cheryl came over for a bit while Katie was modeling her new Orange outfit (from Superstore).
Katie practiced playing on her tummy and she's almost an expert now.
Auntie Andrea dropped by...
And we three went for a walk which conveniently featured ice cream at the halfway point. (And by the way, the weather this weekend? AWESOME...couldn't ask for a nicer September weekend.)

We also managed to get Russ and Steph over for dinner, nothing fancy, just pasta, and had a very relaxing fun end to our weekend. Katie's doing what I call her Popeye face in this picture...with a big bottom lip that's obviously not meant to be pouty.
The weekend also included mega loads of laundry...what else is new. Today it's back to the grind. (for everyone else but Katie and I!). I finished another little sweater for her...I'll probably take a picture and post it soon, even if the sweater is ugly or doesn't fit (I have my doubts).

Have a great Monday!
PS...still working on some videos...What is up with me and a sudden inability to post video's to Youtube? Am I doing something different? I'll work on it. Maybe Katie can help. =)

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