Friday, September 14, 2007


Well, I may no longer know the true meaning of Friday anymore, but I know you all do, so happy Friday!

We have spoils from the garden to show you today...we harvested all tomatoes the other day because we were scared of frost and this is what we ended up with (Chickie in picture for scale) ( I know, you don't know how big Chickie is...pretend you do). Not bad!
Yesterday was a nice relaxing day...We putzed in the morning and walked over to the mall. I tried on a couple of pairs of jeans...ick...not ready for new jeans yet! It's probably better to wait until fall sales start in a month anyway. It was nice walking around the mall...much emptier than in summer.

In the afternoon we met up with Joanne and the girls for coffee at Second Cup (yay 2 for 1 coupon!) The pictures I took were terrible and the only good one was taken by Joanne...thanks Joanne! All three girls were a bit tired (aka crying) by the end...I'm sure the other coffee shop people thought they'd entered a day care or nursery by mistake! (Notice Katie's green pants...much more girly when paired with a pink top as opposed to the boy outfit from before)

Katie's still doing well on solids...although some meals are better than others. We're still exclusively eating milk and cereal. Sometimes she's a bit too hungry and thinks her hands will help her eat better. I have evidence to the contrary:

See how she has food even up over her left eyebrow? Yep, that's because as soon as the food goes in the mouth the hands are right behind. Messy messy!Katie's napping right now, and I just went and peeked at her...all this rolling over an she's sleeping all cozy on her tummy now. We always put her to sleep on her back as recommended so she's typically not too comfortable sleeping on her tummy...but I think she looks comfy here.
Yawn...perhaps I should have napped too...but no, I must get ready to exercise and make up the Costco list.

Hope you're having a lovely Friday.

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