Monday, October 22, 2007

Party Time!

This weekend was wonderful and busy!

Starting on Thursday (traditional early start of the weekend?) we went for lunch at the U of A. Specifically to visit with Stephanie, but Katie would never forgive me if we didn't see Grandma Cheryl while we we in the very building she works in!

When Stephanie did arrive we chatted and then ate and ran...Katie was tired of the hustle and bustle that is SUB...and it was actually a pretty nice day, so us Ladies Who Lunch went for a nice fall walk around campus. Katie was thrilled.
Thursday night was bowling, so Andrea came over for dinner and babysitting (she's like the Baby Whisperer she's so good. There's a room in the basement you know Andrea, if you get bored at your house!). She even helped Katie eat dinner. And Surprise for for her upcoming 6 month "birthday"! How sweet!
We practiced sitting up (K's getting so good at this, even without the chair...!) and giving everyone Laser Eyes. (seriously...what causes red eye again? I forget...of the dozen pictures I took while she was sitting here she had red eye in every single one!)
And the event of the weekend...Birthday Party for Those ____ Girls. Katie's first party. Because it's so close to Halloween, Joanne decided to encourage kids to wear their costumes (may as well get one more wear out of them!). I know it's not Halloween yet, but you NEED to see our cute Katie Kat:
And you NEED more than one picture:
It's amazing how adorable babies dressed up as animals can be. The twins had matching ladybug costumes...I think from Old Navy...SO Cute...the wings are part of a jacket.
There were at least 10 other kids and costumes there, but for privacy it's probably better not to post them all. Zebra, bear, butterfly, lion, dragon, poodle...and Nemo, G can't believe we found you!:Joanne hosted a lovely party...yummy treats including some kid friendly:
There were adorable ladybug cupcakes served first to the Birthday Girls...

Katie did not partake in the cupcakes, as (thankfully) they are not made of squash. But dad will tell you they were excellent. This weekend also brought us week two of swimming lessons. After the incident last week in which Katie was the only naked (diaper only) baby, we decided to wear a bathing suit this time. Luckily we didn't have to buy one as we had one stashed away purchased second hand. I'm sure it's meant for something like an 18 month old, but Katie wears it well.

It's neat to watch Katie swim, but also entertaining to watch other parents and poor girl was in the pool with her mom and kept wanting her dad (who was on the sidelines)...lots of tears!

No tears here though...only tickles and giggles.

And...I believe this weekend Katie had her first tooth poke through...bottom right center! (We're So Excited!!) It's not really visible much, but I can feel it...rough on her gums. I wonder if she realizes? Or knows what this tooth thing is? How long will it take before she chomps on me while we're nursing? Only time will tell...and then I will certainly tell you. =)

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